Journal 1 First day of the Semester

Today was a great day for communication! Everyone was getting to know each other in all our new classes. It was my first day back in school for Winter semester at BYU-Idaho and I was a lot more at ease than I was for my first day ever of college. I interacted with some students in my classes, just getting to know new people. I talked to one guy in my Writing for Comm class and he told me how he liked to watch indie films, any films actually, and that he was into making films also and that he wanted to major in doing that. He told me where he was from and a few other cool facts about himself. I thought this was an interesting interaction for the day just because this person was so different than me and that I got to learn something about them that was important to them. It was cool hearing about the most recent movie he watched, called “Blue Ruin” and how it was about a revenge triangle and had some “dry” undramatized violence in it. Overall it was great getting to know a little more about this person I had just met! There’s my most noteworthy observation of communication for the day.

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