Journal 4

Today I talked to my sister Courtney over the phone. She is at home, a freshman in high school. As soon as I called her I realized she was probably still in class, but I let it ring anyway. She picked up and turns out she was in class! She was in Biology with the same teacher I had when I was just a baby in school too. I told her to stack to lab stools like I used too πŸ™‚ It was good to talk to her since I haven’t called or texted my family since I got here. I don’t always know what to say to Courtney but she is just so happy and cheerful that it makes me happy to hear her having fun with her friends or messing around on the other end of the line. Every time we talk I am reminded of how different we are individually and how difficult it can be for me to create conversation with her. Of course, we usually have something to talk about but we are in such different stages of our lives; we’re four years apart! It’s my goal to talk to others more often and to talk about them. I want to be the one who starts the conversation, rather than waiting for others to talk to me. Sometimes waiting works but it’s always better to reach out. Glad I could talk to my sister and make another connection with her and show her I care! Communication thoughts for the day- over and out.

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