Journal 5

Communication efforts for today were sub par. I had good intentions of talking to some good looking guys in class but it just didn’t happen! I noticed that one guy is in a couple of my classes. He is in my Book of Mormon class and my Interpersonal Theory class. I walked into Interpersonal Theory and Practice and he was already sitting down but then he acknowledged me and said “Hey are you in my Book of Mormon class?”, I said yes and that I was wondering the same thing and was going to ask him about it too. He beat me to it though. He said I could leave the room and walk back in and ‘ask him first’ so I quickly made my way out of the classroom and re-entered. I asked him the same question really over-enthusiastically. It was quite comical and helped me start my day off on a light happy note. I had been thinking the same thing the past few days but it was nice that he was so friendly about it! He had a huge smile on his face and seemed so excited. He appears to be a real genuine, kind, fun guy and I hope I get to know him better having two classes with him. This is an example of great communication with a stranger yet again. Glad I could have this mini experience and make a new friend.

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