Journal 7

Today has been an odd day for communication! I invited a friend over after church. Plainly said “Do you want to come over once you change out of your church clothes” He then proceeded to reply with a very male response. “Like for dinner?” -Sure I GUESS i can make you dinner if you invite yourself on over! It was odd but I got to work and made some delicious alfredo. He texts me back later and says sorry can’t come. *What! Who denies food made by a beautiful girl?!* I proceed to give him a piece of my mind with the input of my roommates help. I tell him to get over to my apartment because I made alfredo fettuccine and that it was rude of him to bail on dinner for a movie party. I was embarrassed to realize I had made a food my friend is allergic to along with the fact that he thought it was a joke about the food, that there actually wasn’t any food. All this jumbled communication just brought a real downer on my Sunday afternoon! He came over to say hi anyway and now I have a bunch of awesome leftovers. Communication is important and cant always be done correctly or effectively over text! No matter how well you think you know the person… All is well though and we’re both good ๐Ÿ™‚

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