Week 2 Day 1

Communication thought for the day. I talked to my parents yesterday for the first time in a week and a half. Now you may be thinking that isn’t a long time for someone who lives on their own but I usually talk to my mom at least once every two days. Sometimes more than twice in the same day as I walk between classes and such. It was good to talk to them, they weren’t available since they had gone on a cruise to Mexico. They loved it! It was cool that they could get away for awhile, just them two since our family trips always require a lot of preparation and we always get dirty with dirt bikes or camping. This was a care free trip where they didn’t have to worry about kids or work. I talked with them briefly but it was good to hear they were safe and back home picking up my sister. I was being the mean child after asking them right off the bat how much weight they gained while on vacation because the food was never ending. They didn’t like that too much but moved on and told me about some of the general things they did. I wanted to be there in Mexico because Idaho is not very kind in the winter! I love Mexico, it’s one of my favorite places so you could say I was envious. It was good to communicate with my family after an unusually long period of time but I’m still here freezing my ears and fingers off as I walk to and from class! Happy trekking friends

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