Week 2 Day 6

Communication. This fun little verb got me a volunteer job the other day. I am in a class that is the introduction to Communication and at the beginning a guy came in to push competitive sports and volunteers to help promote it at our school. So I wrote down his contact info, maybe I’d get around to calling him about helping out. Few days later, a friend of mine is going through my little blue planner and he sees the number written down. He tells me to call another guy about a similar volunteer offer. I get some meeting details from my friend and shoot for the best at the meeting. Friday. I show up to the meeting and the main guy that my friend told me to find, he has no idea who I am which was somewhat embarrassing but that’s college, ya know… I’m in. I’m on thew team for marketing and research to help boost the attendance of competitive sports at BYU Idaho! I thought it was so cool that I could witness this small scale “networking” occurrence happen to me. I’m also happy that I’ll be getting some volunteer and resume work done as well. I’m ALSO excited because the guy that referred me and helped me out is way cute and will be working on the same project with me. Score for communication!

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