Week 2 Day 7

Sunday. Fun day for communication. Our apartment made cupcakes to take to neighboring boys’ apartments. We had high hopes of making friends and scoping out the cuties. Boy were we wrong! I realize that boys can have a lack of social skills but tonight just proved me even more correct in my assumptions. We went to about 5 apartments and only one person who answered the door was not awkward about beautiful girls handing them delicious food! All the rest were weirded out and didn’t really say much. I get that if you really think about it, it could be an odd situation, but NOT REALLY. Communication is key in getting the babes, and all those guys totally missed the mark and a chance to get to know a bunch of cuties. I hope they can learn some better tactics on receiving food and being approached by attractive women. That is all I have to say. I’m going to go have a cupcake now…

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