Week 2 Journal 4

Communication is such an important act we do everyday. I think we forget how vital it is to share with the world our status. I don’t mean by typing it in to Facebook or posting a cheesy pic on Instagram with a lame caption. I mean that when we communicate, when we BE, we are sending a message. I forget this sometimes. I think of all the times I go into my room just to be alone and get some quiet time and how it may come across that I am annoyed to my roommates. I feel like I am an odd animal. When I am with my good friends and feeling social I am totally outgoing and loud and friendly and I feel like “me”, but in any situation other than that, I feel I am introverted and need lots of time to myself and to think and have my space. i don’t think I fit into either category but if I had to choose one it would probably be introvert. I’ve come to terms with this more recently as I have been on my own at school, a time when my close friends become an important choice because they’re sort of like my pseudofamily. Its important to tell those important people the things they need to hear like “I appreciate you” and that’s one thing I need to work on with my developing pseudofamily here at school. I’m happy for the experience I have to grow socially all on my own and I’m starting to strive to make a better effort to have quality relationships.

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