Week 2 Journal 5

Yesterday was a great Saturday and I enjoyed the things I went and did! I met a new friend through my cousin and we hit it off! All three of u went rock climbing at the local gymnastics place. I learned a few more things about belaying my friends on the wall; they trusted me quite a bit for the first time! I’ve had experience with belaying before and its one of my favorite things to do, more so than actually climbing sometimes.  had never met my cousins friend before, only heard funny stories here and there, but it was one of those times where I was just myself right off the bat and the whole night went so well! I love when I don’t have to worry about what others think and when I can be my goofy self, it takes so much pressure off to act how I would think they want me to act. Which is funny because I don’t know what that’s like since its the first time meeting! Anyway, we had similar sense of humor and some fun activities planned so there’s no way it could have gone bad 🙂 Got a new friend who I can be me around, and also some climbing buddies! Yay!

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