Week 3, Day 2

Yesterday I talked to my mom on the phone, sat down and had a good talk with my friend, texted people, and posted a few things online. In today’s age we are always communicating as facilitated by technology and our personal devices. My favorite communication yesterday was when I got to know a new friend a little bit better. I spent time with a friend of my cousins, (now my friend also). He had messaged me on Facebook and I gave him my number so we could meet up. It was kind of a cute little daytime date. It’s always interesting to see how people change or stay the same after you meet them for the first time. I was excited too see how our first one-on-one would be, hoping it wouldn’t be awkward or uncomfortable. I was glad to find that he was still cool after a few days and that I could still be myself! I’ve talked about it before, but when I can instantly be just me, it basically means automatic friendship! So our communication went well and I can tell it will lead to a good future friendship!

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