Week 3, Day 1

I had an interesting experience with communication today. It involved a dog, our apartment, a few little foot tracks, and some nosy managers. It all started when my roommate agreed to watch her friends dog over the weekend. The little dog got dropped off and he wandered around and he was so cute! The next day two of my roommates, including the one who was dog-sitting, left to go to the next town over for shopping and to pick up some things. Later in the day after they had left, there was a ring on the doorbell. Of course the dog starts barking and me and another roomie just look at each other. No one was expecting any visitors! Katie walked to the door, holding the dog, and let the building managers in. They were there to find out who had he dog in the complex! It was just an awkward moment because the dog was not our and the girl who was watching it was gone. I texted them to tell them that the managers had found out. The managers left after they let us know we would be fined if any stains had been found and that dogs are STRICTLY NOT ALLOWED. The dog went home soon after as planned and it turned out fine. The whole approach that the managers took in talking to us was so uncomfortable and I felt disrespected. I get that we didn’t follow the rules but it wasn’t event hat big of a deal. I felt like they treated us like kids  but we are all adults and technically just renters. I wanted to be treated like a human being. Overall this run in with bad communication has made me realize that we have to treat everyone with respect. Glad I could learn a lesson from someone else to be better than them in the future.

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