Week 3, Day 4

I typed my last communication journal entry as I was waiting for an appointment I had with my visual media teacher. It was about our first project and I was very nervous! I had never used In design and didn’t know how my design would look to a professional. I typed that I had been down about my mental and personality progress. I’m glad to say that the communication that took place between my teacher and I went well and I had nothing to be worked up about. I had prayed to have a good experience and that all would go smoothly. Right after the meeting, I walked from the bottom of campus all the way up the hill to the LDS temple. It was so beautiful, although the temperature was about 2 degrees! All the trees were white with frost and the temple stood out against the deep blue sky. I met friends out front and we went into the quiet sacred place. I prayed the night before I would have an overall spiritual experience. I felt peaceful and like the day had slowed down so I could have a special and personal moment while in the temple. I felt like everything would be okay. I needed this and the Lord had heard me. I would say that my favorite communication of last night and this frosty morning were when I communicated with my Savior in prayer. It was especially wonderful to know that my prayers had been answered and that I am closer to being on track to becoming better. I’m glad I could make time for the Lord and the temple and have a testimony of His love for each of His children. Today has been great!

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