Week 3, Day 3

There are different kinds of communication. Interpersonal communication is between two people. Interpersonal is when you communicate with in yourself, in your mind. I have been having this looming feeling in the background of my thoughts and I don’t like it. It goes like this “I don’t like where I am headed personally”. I’ve had this recurring thought process. I don’t like some of the habits I’ve developed and I don’t like that it is hard for me to set goals that I never reach. I guess this comes from the New Years resolutions everyone else has made and how I too made the average list but I can’t bring myself to follow through. I feel like I can improve but I don’t know what steps to take, or I am fearful that I’m going to fail, so why try? These are the thoughts running through my head and unfortunately I haven’t come upon a solution yet. At least I have noticed that I have the desire to change and be better. Hopefully it will lead me to make those necessary changes soon. Thanks for reading about my intrapersonal conflict of the week 🙂


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