Project 1 Flier


  1. Description: This flier is for a college graduate leadership conference through Vouant Communications. I created this flier for my Visual Media class
  2. Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): First, I made four sketches on printer paper. They were of four different ideas and this one won out. Next, I improved that sketched to what I wanted to do with InDesign. I created the project with Adobe InDesign as a rough draft. Then I had two people critique my design with good feedback to make changes. I changed the alignment and the position of the title and a few other minor things. Finally I printed it off and shared it here on my design blog!
  3. Message: The message of this flier is that all graduating college seniors should attend this conference if they want a  advantage in the business world by gaining leadership skills required in the workforce.
  4. Audience: Any graduating college seniors who are looking for a leg-up or want to jump start their professional career.
  5. Top Thing Learned: How to align text so that it looks visually appealing. Also learned how to change to grayscale and high quality resolution.
  6. Title Font Name & Category: Kalinga (Sans Serif) and Rockwell (Slab Serif).
  7. Copy Font Name & Category: Kalinga (Sans Serif)
  8. Links to images used in this project:

2 thoughts on “Project 1 Flier”

  1. I think your design has a very clean and professional feel. I think the way that you misaligned the top and bottom black line gave it a more rounded, softer look. I liked the gray box behind your text, it really sets apart the important information. Nice work on your flier!


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