Project 2: Event Ad

P2MakenziHolland-page-001 (4)


Event advertisement displaying information for an open mic night at local ice cream place. Used a full color bleed on the page, Microsoft word, and a scanner at school.


I scanned a picture from my favorite magazine yearly compilation. I then cropped the picture out of the page and put it in word, adjusted the colors and contrast to make the colors stand out a bit more. Then I typed the text and aligned it. I used two different fonts to contrast the title and the body text. I put transparent colored boxes behind each group of text to incorporate a color scheme and make the black page a little more exciting. All of the text is white and aligned to the left side of the page. I used Microsoft word, a scanner, and online pdf and jpg converters to print and post in the desired fashion.


Open Mic night is a fun activity for young adults to attend in a college town. I thought this color scheme would make the weekly event look interesting, fun, relaxing, and like many younger people would want to go to experience it as well as donate to a great cause that is based locally.


Young adults, teens, college students in Rexburg, music lovers.

Top thing learned:
I learned how to scan images and how to format them on the scanner as well as converting them between Word, PDF, and JPG. It was pretty complicated at first! I also “learned” about going to the local print shop to get the quality paper and print. I hadn’t been there before and it was intimidating before I went in. Turned out great with friendly and helpful employees!

Color scheme and color names:

Triadic- Indigo, Purple, Violet

Title Font Name & Category: Modern NO. 20 – Oldstyle

Copy Font Name & Category: Verdana – Sans Serif

Scanned images used,  sources, original sizes:

The image I originally scanned was from Rookie Magazine, Yearbook Two. The image was originally 4″ x 6″. I scanned it at 300 resolution because I enlarged the image so it could fit across the top of the page. The image now is 3.8″ x 8.8″

3 thoughts on “Project 2: Event Ad”

  1. Makenzi! This is great design. You did an awesome job at creating a vibe that this open mic night was going to be cool, laid back, and for a younger audience. The image that you used for the poster was also very artistic, and you did a great job at matching the colors of the image with the triadic color scheme of the whole poster. I really enjoyed the text boxes, and how it looks like stair- steps, leading the eye from one piece of information to the next. Also, all the information about the event is very clear and clean.

    Great job on this project, can’t wait to see more!

    Check out this poster that Brant made!

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