Week 4, Day 4

Thursday. Not much happened today. Talked about communication in Intro to Comm. It was mainly focused on Broadcasting and video journalism. Looked cool, but no really my thing. The broadcasting career just looks like a heart attack waiting to happen. It seems so stressful and high- alert all the time. I toured a major news station in Sacramento with my dad once. He was going to go on air for a commercial for his business and they showed us around before it started. No one looked happy and they all sat around hunched at computers. Yeah not my thing…


1 thought on “Week 4, Day 4”

  1. Yeah, that was a funny tour, it was seriously one of those “This is where the magic happens” and thats “Mr. big shot anchor who is very important” tours and then they asked if I watched the news and the look I got when I said “nope”

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