Week 4, Day 7

Today’s communication went alright. I had a great church meeting. I feel have been praying a lot lately because I need help. That’s all I have to say about that but its true. Life has gotten really busy in the past week and a half.

On another note… I told my roommate I would pick her up from the bus stop because she was coming back from a half week visit home. She texted me to be there at about 2:30 on the west side of a certain building. So I drive over there and suddenly i was thinking to myself “What place was she talking about??” I didn’t know 100% if I was waiting at the right place. So I circled around campus about 3 times to scan and make sure I wasn’t just leaving her in the cold anywhere. I couldn’t find her! There was no way I could verify with her either, since her phone had died so I was shooting in the dark… I finally mad one more round and when I was making my way back to the parking spot I had been hanging out at, I saw her! I was glad I could find her and pick her up so she didn’t have to walk a mile back home with her bags. It was a lucky day for bad communication!

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