Week 6, Day 1

Had a cool Monday. Our stake went to Kelley Canyon for skiing, snowboarding, and hanging at the lodge. Most people went and had fun talking it up at the lodge. I brought my snowboard and gear. I was the only one from my apartment that went up the mountain. It was great, lift tickets were only $10! And there weren’t too many people on the slope so it wasn’t perfect. It was a little icy, but I can’t complain! We had an odd way of getting to the resort. Google maps took us on a dirt road, and as a bunch of girls in a car, it was kind of creepy! We got to the parking lot and there was nowhere to park except one spot where two girls were standing to save a spot. The parking lot was so muddy and we didn’t want to park far away, so Jesse pulled up to the spot. The girl outside mouthed the words that they were saving the spot. Not a second after the girl said that, Jesse honked the horn and the girls flinched, and walked away annoyed that we had made them move. It was great! While I went and boarded, my roommates stayed in and talked to some guys that live in our complex that we had known for a little bit. They watched me through the window when I slid up to the lift. I’m really glad I made time to go! I had a lot of fun and got some good runs in for a good deal. We listened to throwback music, reminding us of middle school mainstream music, and we followed our guy friends out so we didn’t have to go down the creepy gravel road again. Lots of good effective communication, overall great Monday night FHE.

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