Week 6, Day 2

Tuesday. Good Day today as well. I am just. So happy that I’ve been having great days, that none have been as bad as Monday of last week. I’m not saying each day has been butterflies and rainbows, but I’ve had productive and enjoyable days. Today I had tutoring scheduled later in the day for computer science. I was late to took he appointment because my roommate and I were in Walmart for a LONG time. We bought some cute fish! They have their own bowl with pink rocks and they’re just adorable. Finally, I escaped Walmart, after checking out and NOT going through the doors with sensors (it kills the fish).  I went to tutoring and got a lot of work done, we’ve been looking at loops for programs. It’s a hard concept for me to wrap my head around because I am not a math genius and most of the loops have equations in some kind of abstract form other than real math equations. After tutoring, I realized I had to work on my photo shop project. I went to Maverick for a Monster (energy drink of choice) and also a cinnamon roll. That was dinner.  I started my project and it went by pretty quick, I was surprised! We’ve been working on layer masking. This new skill has been a huge addition to my personal skill toolbox! I’m excited to see what I can do with blended layers. It doesn’t sound too exciting, but there will be works to come that you can check out.

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