Week 7, Day 3

Wednesday. Busiest day ever! I was going going all day from 9am-11pm. Another communication mishap with computer science. Another instance where I had an appointment but didn’t know about it until it was already happening. I went anyway and got some of the homework done with a few errors in the program. After that, I went to a meeting for the Creative Marketing Counsel. We are trying to get more people to participate and attend Competitive sports here at BYU-I. We are trying to communicate that even though we don’t have official sports like most schools, competitive sports is still COOL! Its difficult to do this since many students are so busy and already have the notion that BYU-I is lame for not having any official sports that interact with other colleges. After our meeting, Mitchell and I went to Subway real quick then headed to my friends apartment. She had invited me to come over with my roomies (I brought Mitchell instead) since she was doing some kind of presentation to help us gain financial control over our lives and become fit physically. I thought she had to o this for a class but it turned out to be for Isagenix. As soon as they started talking about the product and how the company works, I was turned off to the whole idea. I’ve talked with my dad about Ponzi scheme or towers. Isagenix is one of them. This kind of work will work for some people but it’s not for me! Anyway, I was glad to go and support my friend and possibly buy some products from her and think about the possibilities. After the presentation for Isagenix, we left and Mitchell went home to do homework and work out. I felt bad for keeping him so long for the presentation. I went home too, walked to the gym at the complex and had a good lift sesh. I called my dad and it was nice to talk to him about the Isagenix shindig. The day ended and I was exhausted! Showered, and crashed in bed…


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