Week 7, Day 4

No class today! Well, actually no 12:45 class, but that made all the difference. The day before, I was at the meeting for promoting competitive sports. From that meeting I was assigned to work a booth in the Manwaring Center for Friday nights basketball game. I got all dressed up, wore my new skirt form the DownEast sale, and got the word out for the basketball game. It was interesting to see people walk farther away from the booth because they didn’t want us to shove our pitch in their face. Some people were interested, but most didn’t make eye contact so they didnt have to stop. Some annoying people just grabbed candy and walked away…who does that?? I got some homework done, I went to the gym, I did my laundry, it was great. Later on I went to class at 5 with Mitchell. Afterward, we attempted to go to his stakes dance. When we got to the ballroom, there was no one there! Miscommunication… Guess it ended early… In the end we had a good time running around the MC and being childish. Good day!


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