Week 7, Day 5

Friday. Only one class today also! I hung out with Mitchell at Walmart before he left for Utah, that was fun… I was kinda bummed he was leaving for the weekend. But it’s ok, I’m usually alright across long distances temporarily. I went to my one class and got some other things done around the house. I finished up my project for Visual Media early. I was really happy about that! Usually I take all Saturday to get it finalized and printed but I got it all done on Friday. Later in the night, I called my cousin Sydney so we could hang out. I am so glad to have a great web of support here in Rexburg. I have good friends, and some family to help me through college. Sydney is one of those people! We laugh and always get goofy but we have fun and keep each other somewhat sane. We got snacks at Maverick, went to a basketball game for 5 seconds, left and then went to go spotlight people in the church parking lots. It was fun. Good, laid back Friday night.

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