Week 8, Day 3

Nothing too exciting happened today. I sat in the Crossroads between classes and like 4 people came up to me and talked to me. It was random because no one really approaches me there. One person asked if they could take my blood pressure for the Health and Wellness center. I said yes and I’m healthy! A friend walked up and talked to me. He’s an odd kid so it wasn’t a quality conversation and he left really abruptly. Another guy walked up to me and told me we had met…? It was odd also, because he did not look familiar at all until he told me we were talking at a party at the beginning of the year. So that was an odd lunch break. Later on in the night we had a volleyball game. Mitchell dropped by and came with. We started at 10, it’s always a super late start! We played so well! Even though we didn’t win it was a good game. It was good to play even though I was sore. It helped me get loose and I slept well. That was my day.

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