Week 3 Class Notes

Today we talked about Journalism and all the outlets here on campus. The whole presentation was interesting but I feel like I drifted off a little bit attention-wise since my major is not Journalism or anything like it. In this class, I learned how journalism is still a prevalent career path, even if newspapers are not as popular as they used to be.

Journalism is SO important because the world needs to hear news and what is going on so we aren’t living in a little box, ignorant and unaware. That’s probably a bold statement but that’s the nature of the importance of news and being informed.

Journalism has taken off more in  the media, not newspapers anymore. Online sources and TV channels are the more prominent news mediums and are taking off. News is now more targeted to specific audiences. There’s webpages for Republican, food lovers, human rights activists, and so many other niches. That’s what I have learned about the development and importance of Journalism


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