Week 4 Class Notes

This weeks Comm 100 topic was Video Production. It was cool! I am not particularly interested in film and all that goes along with it but this introduction made it seem awesome! All the video clips they showed were amazing and they just made it seem like it was so easy, but I know they out a lot of hard work into making those 90 Second clips. I learned that there are many ways you can go with video production. many companies need training and instructional videos for their employees. That was something I had not thought of before, and there are millions of companies everywhere and they all need video pro’s to make their company better and more efficient by having well trained workers that understand the process. That was an obscure career option, and some of the other ones were more common such as making commercials and making informative videos about the company for consumers. Some others are promotional videos that are more PR related. All of these options are viable career options. All companies are in need of people who are competent in making videos for their company. My dad owns a custom closet company and he has me make short clips of product reviews and demos and he uses them on his website. So yes, there is a need everywhere! Video production is cool and has many elements that go along with it. That’s what I learned!


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