Week 9, Day 5

Yay Friday! Got lots done today. I went to the gym and did my laundry at the same time. I went back to the apartment and got ready for the day. I got dressed up, second day in a row wearing nice professional/church dress. I made myself a sandwich and was on my way to go have lunch with Mitchell! Lunch was fun, then went to class. Interpersonal was good as always. I suggested a video to my teacher about time. It’s pretty cool by the RSA, called The Secret Powers of Time and its about how we use time differently in different geographic locations and why. I went to the Crossroads to eat my sandwich and there was annoying people trying to show off their breakdancing skills and all I heard was dumb loud music. So, I went to the library to start studying for my Interpersonal test. Got some good study time in and went to class. After my writing class, I went to take the test and got a 96 on the bubble part. Cool. Afterward I went to a ward bbq with Mitchell and I found out after the test that I was locked out of my apartment! Not cool, roomies! 3 of them went out of town for the weekend and one was at work and the other I have no idea when she gets home and I don’t have her number. I was really flustered about this development since its cold and I’m in a thin dress and there was NO WARNING OF LOCKING THE DOOR. Gah, its annoying. So now I’m chilling with Mitchell at his apartment having a homework party! I talk a lot about homework…#College life! I bought a tall floor lamp also, for $15 from someone in town and I’m so excited to have the nice ambient light in my room. I’ll have to move some things around but that’s okay. Overall, its been a productive day!


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