Week 9, Day 6

We Cute :)
Picture of us on our way down the hill of R Mountain. We owned that hike!

It’s been a great weekend. I took Mitchell to R Mountain for a little day hike and it was so nice! It was the perfect temperature and it was nice to stay outside and walk around. Idaho isn’t that beautiful but it was better than being indoors like I am most of the time, unfortunately. It was beautiful and we both love being outside and hiking/ Good to spend time with him where he likes to be most. Afterward I got ready for the rest of the day and made a couple store runs. Mitchell did homework at his place and I was just hanging at home. Later that night we went to dinner at another Chinese food place and it was pretty good by Rexburg standards. We came back and I made a cake that is my absolute favorite! Its fruit cocktail cake and it is so good. Its like vanilla cake with crushed pineapple in it. Its the consistency of soft carrot cake and it has hot icing poured all over it. Muy delicioso. Then we watched Road to El Dorado. Classic, awesome Disney movie! So cute and Spanish, I love it.

From the morning: Change. That was this Saturday. Since I bought a cute new floor lamp I had to rearrange my tiny room at my apartment to accommodate for it. I spent all my morning moving my bed around and the things that were under it. Its back to the way it was when I originally moved in, but oh well. I like the change. And I especially love the lamp. IMG_0577 (2)

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