Week 9, Day 7

Had a relaxing and spiritual Sunday for the most part. Daylight savings time made it hard to get up on time but I went to most of church, just a little late in the beginning. I went and it was odd to go alone. I’m fine with flying solo for a day but I walked in late, then everyone kind of looked at me weird, I don’t know anyone in my inactive and unfriendly ward, no one knows me, and it was just odd. Some girl came up to me and asked if I was visiting…Um, no. She was nice but I just wanted to sit alone and listen and be done with it. I went to class and that was fine, I actually got a lot out of both classes and Sacrament. But when I went to sit down alone towards the front of Sacrament meeting, the bishop came by shaking hands with everyone. When he got to me, of course he didn’t know my name and said welcome, then asked why I was sitting alone. I said “None of my roommates are here and I don’t know anyone in this ward!” and he’s like you should go sit by someone and make friends! I said I was good and he moved on. Five minutes later the SAME girl comes and sits by me again like I’m a charity case! I do appreciate her genuine effort and care but I was just being moody and not totally alright with being social. I was kind of grumpy! I went to get my endorsement after church was over. I’ve learned that if you want to make friends with older married men in Idaho, just talk about dirt bikes and where you ride and what kind of bike you have! The counselor just lit up when I mentioned bikes it was great. I went home and folded clothes and listened to my church music. Had a good talk with my roomie, we were the only ones home. Mitchell picked me up after he went to church and we hung out at his wards “Break the Fast” for sandwiches. I talked to his roommates and they were funny. We went for a walk afterward and it was nice weather out, I loved it. Sydney called me and told me that her friend needed to borrow my Wii system for a few days because he’s obsessed with Mario Kart. I told her that the only way I would let Brian borrow the Wii was if he acknowledged me when we passed by each other on campus and that we were OFFICIALLY friends. Also he needed to get me some cookies. He denied the cookies but were friends now! I got the Wii from Mitchell’s place and we took it over and Brian and I are cool. Now I’m chilling at home with Mitchy Mitch doing homework! Yay, Sunday.

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