Website of the Week 10

Writing is a part of all business and most people have Microsoft Word to type up documents. Here’s the homepage for Microsoft Word

This website is helpful to a Comm major for the following reasons:

  1. If there’s technical difficulties with Word, contacts info is all over the place on this site for support and help
  2. This page can help you if you need Word across different platforms such as laptop, phone, tablet, and other operating systems. This can help make Word accessible anywhere.
  3. If you want to try new things out in Word, there are training videos to help you get started and learn something new.
  4. Templates are downloadable on here, for different types of documents you may need to create.
  5. Writing is important and unavoidable. Every Comm or Business major will write up something that will be seen by co workers and employers so it is important to make polished and professional documents. This is done with Word and the help of this website as reference.

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