Website of the Week 4

This website can be so helpful for Comm Majors and anyone in the business. Here are the reasons!

  1. Mainly, this is helpful for deadlines. If you have an international customer and they need a project by a certain time, you can plan accordingly with this site.
  2. Countdowns on this site are helpful for assignments in college. It can show you exactly how much time you have left.
  3. If you want to plan you future down to the daily detail, you can. This site has calendars for any day and year and can be helpful in planning deadlines as well as vacation time. Plan whatever you want!
  4. This site also has the weather. You can potentially plan your prints in a certain way that will work best for the weather. Prints turn out funny in different weather conditions.
  5. Countdown clock. You can use this to count down how many days left you have to graduate! Very helpful in retaining your sanity.

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