Website of the Week 6

If you are interested on PR and are a current student, then this is the website and organization for you. PRSSA stands for Public Relations Student Society of America and it is a great source for learning about Public Relations if you’re just starting out. Reasons follow:

  1. Great source as an exploring beginner in the Comm department. You can search this site and see if PR is something you would like.
  2. Awesome starting point if you are interested. If you are, you should be in PRSSA so that you get hired after college. This is a very important organization to have on your college resume.
  3. This site outlines all the benefits of joining PRSSA and what you can do with it. If you feel you aren’t getting enough out of your $50 membership, this site can show you what else you can do with being a part of PRSSA.
  4. This site has leads on internships and other events you can attend to network and potentially find an internship or job.
  5. This site also has scholarship opportunities listed that you can apply for and work for in PRSSA. This can be a great goal setting opportunity and something to work to.

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