Website of the Week 7

AAF is important for a Comm major because advertising is all over the place in the Communications career path. Here’s why is helpful 

  1. This is where you can see what AAF is all about. There’s lots to know about what AAF does and the organizations benefits. Here would be a good place to look if you are interested in joining or are an Advertising emphasis, in which you should probably already be involved.
  2. This site also has internship opportunities which would be good to look at in the later part of your college education.
  3. There are events on this page which you can attend to network and to gain more experience and exposure to AAF and to advertising
  4. Most of the different emphases in the Comm major are interconnected, so it is important to get a well rounded experience in all of them to better your specific study. Joining AAF or checking it out may open up different opportunities in your major and this website is a place tog et started at.
  5. AAF gives great experience in the advertising side of Communications and will give you a head start. This site can inform you on all the possibilities.

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