Website of the Week 8

This Grad Planner link is a great source for any BYU-I student. The Grad Planner is not required but it is a great tool for your education and planning while here at BYU-Idaho

  1. This resource helps you see ahead of time and plan out your years here at the university. It helps you get an overview of what classes you have coming and which ones you need to take. This is really helpful in planning hard classes, managing Foundations classes, working in some fun electives, and planning practicums and internships.
  2. This resource is online and can be changed at anytime. It is highly accessible within the range of Silverlight. Nothing is set in stone and you can adjust your plan as you take classes and change throughout your college career.
  3. The Grad Planner helps you see the possibilities in class combinations and other comm classes you may not have seen while looking at your certain emphasis.
  4. Grad plan comes with free advisers! You can check the error codes to guide your progress while planning and also submit your plan to an adviser at your certain majors Academic Discovery Center and ask them questions about your major and classes
  5. Comm majors are flexible and there are always new classes being added so it is important to incorporate some of the new classes and changes into the future and this can be done with the Grad Planner

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