Week 10, Day 1

Monday, got nothing going on! I scheduled an appointment to talk with my bishop tomorrow about starting my mission papers so that’s cool. Really, not much happened today. I went to class and in Visual Media we talked about CSS in website programming. That’s was something new I learned and I think its cool I can add that to my little list of skills. Its very rudimentary knowledge but more than most people know.  My apartment complex was supposed to have an “appreciation” night at Fat Cats, so Mitchell and I went to go check it out about half an hour after it started. We mainly went for the free pizza BUT THERE WAS NONE. So that was a bust! Everyone was at the apartment watching the dumb Bachelor. It was a party for the three hour finale, so Mitch and I mooched off their treats and pizza. Who cares about the Bachelor, I got cookies!

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