Week 10, Day 2

Average day. Didn’t do much today or the first half of the week at all. I went to lunch with Mitchell after I had been applying online to a few jobs. We talked about jobs and money and some other stuff and had a quick lunch. This was my second to last day of dressing formal. I went to class and it was actually pretty good. I went to devo with Mitchell afterward and the talk given was amazing! I haven’t been to a devo as great as this one, I really liked it. I did some homework at school and then went home to finish the rest. I did HTML and CSS homework until it was time for me to go to my meeting with the bishop. I went and things are moving pretty quick now! I was going to ask one question to the bishop about transferring my papers and records after this semester but then he took care of the rest and now I can start my mission papers! I feel like the hand of God has made the beginning of this process really easy for me, like He is just pushing me right along to get going to do His will. I was really excited about that. I went home and had some of the delicious crock pot food I prepared. my roomie suggested I put Italian dressing in on my chicken, cream of mushroom, peas, and stuffing. It turned out really good! Overall, it was an okay but exciting day toward the end.

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