Week 10, Day 4

Lunch with Mitchell again today.  Went to Book of Mormon again and it was a good class again When I got home I just looked at the kitchen and it was so gross so i started cleaning. I wiped down the counters and the appliances. I then cleaned the stove after I bought oven cleaner to clean the trays under the coils. I cleaned the sink and straightened stuff up. I was surprised to see that some of my other roomies followed my example and started cleaning too which was nice. I was just frustrated because I have a certain roommate that has been especially loud and obnoxious in her complaining and she doesn’t do anything about it. I really just want to tell her off and make a scene but I know that’s not the way to approach the issue. I cant wait for her to be out of this apartment. We were great friends at the beginning of the semester but now she just gets on my nerves. I tried to do more homework after I cleaned and got some things done but I was mostly bummed out the rest of the night. That was my Thursday night.

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