Week 10, Day 5

Friday! Finally! I feel like this week was really slow compared to all the rest of them. Friday just wouldn’t come quick enough. I went to class and it was great. We talked about our homework and then about Love languages and it was really interesting, and I learned a lot. I went home after class and then went home. i applied for a few more jobs and then i got my stuff together to walk to class again. We got into groups to make our advertisement about Juicy fruit. We brainstormed ideas and everyone was all over the place. Afterward Mitchell picked me up and we went to go buy tickets for Cinderella. The theaters were packed! So we got them for Saturday and went on our way. We made dinner at Mitchell’s apartment and then went on a walk after. We had a good talk about random stuff and it was great. It was windy but I had just picked up my peacoat so I had that. I missed it while it was at the cleaners! It was a fun low key night.

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