Week 10, Day 6

Slept in like a boss today! When I woke up my dad called me and we talked. He was buying a canopy for the backyard at Sams. I talked to him about when hes coming to visit me during my spring break and some books that he’s reading about business. Afterward I got ready for the day and waited for Mitchell since we were supposed to go to Idaho Falls so he could get some new shoes. He had a few things to do so the time kept getting set back and I was just waiting so I applied for a few more jobs and searched on craigslist for jobs. I was ready to go and Mitchell and his roommate and I went to Idaho Falls. We were there as long as it took to drive there and back. Mitchell got nice shoes the first store we went to for an awesome deal and then we walked around a bit more. We turned by Gamestop and his roomie dropped some cash on an Xbox 1. Crazy! I dragged them into a shoe store for me, and I found the cutest boots ever for a great deal! 27 bucks for a nice pair of brown boots that I needed to have replaced. My old pair were an odd orangey-brown pair and they are just beat up so I took advantage of the deal. It was a nice little trip and then we had to hurry back to make the Cinderella movie that we bought tickets for the night before. We made it and the movie was cute! I was sad it wasn’t more close tot he original cartoon but it was still good. Afterward we got Costa Vida which was awesome and we were both starving. Good monster burrito to finish off the day haha. Afterward we just talked and wrapped up the night with a walk, it was perfect.

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