Week 11, Day 1

Slow start to the week. I was lazy and slept in again. I had to finish some homework before I went to class so I did that and got ready for the day then headed to class. I stayed at school and did some more homework. i sat in the hallway of the stairwell on the third floor and typed away. I saw a guy in a pink button up and cowboy boots and a hat hold the door for some people. He saw the other people sitting in the hallway and talked to one of them like he knew them. He said they knew each other but I’m not sure if they really did. He was telling some cool story when some girls walked into the hallway down the stairs. One girl walked by him and sarcastically complimented his cowboy get up and he took it seriously. He said “You’re cute too, we should go roping sometime”. The obviously city girl had no idea what he was talking about and tried to get away as he kept talking to her. Eventually she had come back and he was pulling out his lasso rope. She said that was cool, roping, and started to walk away when he threw the rope around her as she was walking down the stairs. Reluctantly, I could tell, she gave him her number to get him off her back and he thought he was successful in wooing a woman way out of his range. It was so awkward for everyone because we knew what was going on but the cowboy was oblivious to his own embarrassment, or the fact that he should be embarrassed. After that weird situation I went to class and we started to gather ideas for our commercial. We’re starting to get on the same page as my original idea with some tweaks and improvements. I walked home from class and hung out at home. Not much to do and just waiting for the semester to wrap up.

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