Week 11, Day 2

Tuesday. Slept in again…Ahh the life! Not really though, I feel pretty lazy if I sleep in past 9 but I cant seem to wake up any earlier! I put my big girl pants on and did my homework and then did another job search. I didn’t find too much but that’s okay. I took too long and didn’t get to go to lunch with Mitchell which was kind of a bummer. I walked to Book of Mormon and stayed awake and alert in class. Afterward I went to meet Mitchell at the Skybridge between the MC and the library. We went to Devo and sat in a different spot than usual. I wanted to listen to the speaker and did a little bit but I was mostly thinking about other things. I’ve been missing my family and home lately and I’ve been missing Baja and Costa Rica. Its tough being in Idaho since I am used to a much more interesting and colorful landscape in California. The grey and browns are really getting me down right now and I miss my parents. So that’s what I thought about while we were at devo. Afterward I walked home and got ready for my interview at SSI. I got all dressed up for it and curled my hair. I was probably overdressed but it made me feel more confident and I looked better than anyone else there. It wasn’t even an interview. She made sure I could read out loud well enough and then checked that I was a warm body then signed me up for the group assessment, the next step in the hiring process to weed out the weak ones. It went fairly well. I was nervous at first because the business is downstairs in a basement and the first 50 feet of the hallway way has lots of doors but no call center so it was weird. I also didn’t know there was a basement below Kiwi Loco so I was hoping I was in the right place. I talked to a girl that was waiting as well and she looked really cheery and cute. A girl in a batman shirt walked out and was talking down the job and how it took a lot out of you. I think she had just quit… Went home after that and didn’t see Mitchell again He got sick and I was moping around at home. The end.


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