Week 11, Day 4

Thursday. Went to the gym again and had a lot better of a run today. Ran quicker and it just felt good. Afterward worked on arms and did some stretches. I got ready for the day and did make it to lunch with Mitchell. We took up two tables and I didn’t even care. The March Madness game was on and Mitchell was sick. Poor baby 😦 I haven’t seen him like this, its weird. I went to Book of Mormon afterward and class was good. My friend Parker and I were taking snaps of each other in class haha. I went home after class and I got my laundry then went to Zeek’s to visit with my friend Ana. I haven’t seen her all semester. She cut her hair a little while ago and it looks so cute! Even though she chopped off a lot of hair. We had burgers at Zeek’s and she talked about her boy issues and I listened. I think lots of people are okay with spilling their whole life to me. I think that’s a good thing, just sometimes I cant get in enough of what I want to say about my life. That’s okay, i listened and talked with her and it was fun hearing about someone else’s drama πŸ™‚ We went to Albertsons after for some food and then DI so Ana could buy a barbie head for her keychain like I have on mine. Everyone just wants to be like me! It was fun and it was good to mess around with her at DI and be silly. I haven’t hung out with any of my girlfriends in awhile and I miss it! I need to make a better effort. After, I went to class for Comm 100 and sat through that. Hillary puled my hair in class and I was like “Seriously?!” in my head haha because I thought it was someone else. After class I drove home and that’s the end of my Thursday story.


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