Week 11, Day 5

Friiiiiiiiday! I woke up and went to the gym again. I went to lunch with Mitchy Mitch and then I went to Interpersonal. Class was good as usual, that’s my favorite class this semester. Sister Bean finally got her voice back, which is great! I was weird having a silent class like last week. I went to class then hung out in the MC doing my weekend homework for Visual Media. Mitchell was passing through and said hi to me. I went to my next class and we had to present our power point. It went alright, I just have an annoying group member who thinks he’s superior to the rest of us and it doesn’t help that he has a nasally voice to go along with it as he tries to prove his dumb point to the whole class. After class Mitchell picked me up from class and we got my car so that he could go get his tires aligned and he could hang out with me while they were at the shop. We went to the bank so I could get a direct deposit slip and some cash. We then went on an adventure to track down some Mexican food that I had ordered from a lady on Rexburg garage sales on Facebook. Sketch, yes I know, but dont judge. We looked everywhere! But there was no “348” on the block. There was one “347” but no 340’s. I almost called the search off after I had circled the same street about 7 times. Then the lady messaged me to tell me she messed up the address as “438”. I WAS TICKED. I dropped Mitchell off for his car and then I went back to get the food and it was good. I got home and hung out and looked online for jobs and projects I could sell for some extra cash. I talked to my dad on the phone and he was telling me how he didn’t want me to take the SSI job. He pays for my school and weekly expenses and he said he would rather have me take lots of classes and get good grades than not take a lot of classes, work, and get bad grades. It was reaffirming to me because I do want to make more money but I know my parents care about me and they are willing to let me work hard in school while still fully supporting me. I thought about the job and i dont think I’ll take it, but look for another one that is not demanding hours-wise. I want some extra cash to contribute to my savings, mission fund, and my shoe fund also haha. Overall I just felt love from my dad. not in a conventional way of “i love you honey” but like he actually cares about my time in school and my education and financial situation. It aggravates me when people get cranky when you tell them that the parents are paying for everything. Its not their place to be asking questions like that and its not their place to shame me because they make all the money they have and put it toward school. I’m glad my parents pay for my things and I am so grateful because I don’t know how I would have done it without them even when my university education is so inexpensive. I a blesses and I feel I work hard for my grades so the trade off is just fine and not part of anyone’s business. Thanks parents! Love my family ๐Ÿ™‚


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