Week 11, Day 6/7

Saturday. Today was not one of my good days in a long time. I woke up late and I was mad at my roommate because whenever Mitchell comes over she is all over him because she needs lots of attention. It bugs me how much she talks to Mitchell and how she talks to him. She is so disrespectful but Mitchell is just so nice he doesnt do anything about it or even notice. I notice though. I also saw that SOMEONE had sprayed Pam on my toaster oven. This sounds dumb but it really pissed me off! There was only one person cooking the day before and it was the same one who has been annoying lately. I cleaned up the toaster and put it in the pantry. i’m just tired of people abusing my stuff and things I leave out for everyone in the apartment. I left the apartment upset and went for a hike with Mitchell, Theo and his girl thing. It was an alright hike, all in the snow, but I was upset about the apartment and I’m missing my parents, and the job pressure. I was the butthead of the group and I was just miserable. We hiked about a mile in and then back out. We had crossed paths with a family and they told us we could take some trash bags from their Excursion to sled down the hill in the parking lot. Mitchell and Theo did it but Β I was done trudging through the snow. We left the Bear Gulch parking lot and went to go get food. We stopped at a little drive in and it was good. Mitchell dropped me off at home after the hour drive home. I said I was sorry for being a downer on the trip, that I was just thinking about other things and I was just moody. He left and I took a 4 hour nap. When I woke up I started to clean and I took out all my stuff from the kitchen. I took my giant rug from under the table, my little rug from the front of the sink, and the broom. I took my stuff and put them in my room. Everyone else can get their own stuff and stop leaving crumbs on my stuff. When I was sweeping before I put the broom away, Mitchell came by real quick to say hi and I made him a little dinner snack and we talked a little bit. He left and I couldn’t go to sleep since I had taken a 4 hour nap. I cleaned up my room a little bit. I guess it gets easily messed up since I’m always writing about how I cleaned it up. I did my nails and I watched an old movie on Netflix. I stayed up until 2. I wasn’t feeling good so I took Pepto and went to sleep. I woke up a few hours later with a terrible sickness. I had the 20 minute flu and I was all hot. I hate it when this happens and I am just miserable. It finally went away and then I went to sleep and was out for the rest of the night. I woke up feeling alright and didn’t go to church. I took my time getting ready and went to sacrament with Mitchell at his friends ward. She just got back from her mission and had her homecoming talk. It went over but it was two return missionaries. The kids in front of us were cute though and it was a nice change of scenery for church instead of a dimly lit makeshift church room in the Hinckley like normal. We went to my apartment so I could change and we had barbeque chicken sandwiches made by yours truly. We went to Mitchell’s apartment and started making cookies to take to dinner at a friends house. Mitchell is making cookies and I’m typing something up. He asks for my help with the dough and I figure out that he put TWO sticks of butter in the mix instead of just one. Last time I’m leaving him unsupervised with a cooking project! We were going to go to the store and break the Sabbath but he had a friend from the ward that told us how to double the recipe to make them better. It worked! We made them in time and they were delicious and I iced them and took them to the dinner party. It was a fun and social sunday πŸ™‚

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