The END; Week 12, Day 4&5

Spongebob Rainbow...Imaginatioooon!
It’ll be all rainbows and sunshine when this weekend is over and done with!

The week wraps up… This is the final week I have to write daily journal blog posts! I know all of you have just had a blast reading about my daily woes and joys but hopefully I’ll continue on after this week! So now I’ll tell you about my crazy last few days…

Thursday: What a day! I was gone all day and it felt great o actually be busy and then tired at the end of the day. I mean I wouldn’t wish it on myself again soon but it was a productive day. I got up and went tot he store because I was craving cereal. I went to Walmart and got original Cap’n Crunch, some milk, and some bread. I as down to 8 dollars yesterday so now I have 1.50 until my direct deposit kicks in. I went home and feasted on the cereal. I haven’t had cereal in about a month. This is insanity! I love cereal and usually go through a  box or two a week. I am pretty impressed with myself for not eating it for a month. After Walmart I took Truckita through the car wash. My wash receipt was about to expire and the weather looks good for about a week so I thought I’d use it then. I vacuumed out the car too, it was way overdue! I had cinnamon sugar powder from when I was driving to Rexburg from Christmas in California. I went home and feasted and then got ready for the day. I went down to school to work a booth for Competitive Sports. The champ game is on Friday at 7:30 and we handed out popcorn and some t-shirts for the enthusiasts. I got a free tshirt too! I talked to Mitchell buddy that was working the table with me. He doesn’t even work for the Comp Sports, Mitchell just needed people for the table and told him he would buy him Pizza. We talked about nerdy superhero movies and the new ones coming up and other things like that. It was good conversation! Around lunchtime, Mitchell dropped off lunch for us. We got a subway sandwich and Stephen got his Little Caesars pizza. I munched and waited for Mitchell to come back but time was running out since I had to book it to class. Mitchell showed up and was like “I was waiting for you in the Taylor! I called you like 4 times.” I didn’t know! I said I was sorry and ran to class. Didn’t fall asleep in Book of Mormon  today. Went to the MC to get to the library afterward. I saw Ana there and she followed me to the library where I worked on my InDesign project. We talked and then I left to go home. While I was walking up toward home some kid with his jacket on backward walked up to me. I was freaked out for a second but it was just Mitchell trying to be funny! We walked to his car and he drove me the short rest of the way home. I did some homework for my portfolio project and then gathered my stuff and got in my car to go to Comm 100. I got there and class was really good. It talked about how to get form being a Comm major to becoming employed and what it takes. It will be a lot of work but I think it will be so fun learning about communications and business. I enjoyed class. After that, I went to the field with Hillary and another guy from our group in Comm 111. We started filming our running parts for the Juicy Fruit commercial. It got cold and the guy running was in a tank top! I talked to some of Hillary’s friends and he was cool. It was a fun interesting experience. i felt helpless since Hillary was doing all the filming and she knows what shes doing. I had a few small parts in the filming. I hold the gum up and say how good it is with a super cheesy smile. After we were done filing we had to runt o get the tripod to her friend who needed it for his job. He was photographing the Jane Austen dance in the ballroom. We ran all over campus trying to find the right place. The whole time Hillary had to pee. It was crazy. We got most of the filming down for the night. I went home and took a HUGE SIGH OF RELIEF. I started heating up dinner and then realized I had a lot more work to finish that night. I was exhausted and then I forgot I missed the draft critique I had scheduled with someone in the Spori building. I was ticked I had missed it but there was nothing I could do. I finished my work, got ready for bed and crashed!

Today is Friday. I woke up, ate the rest of the cereal, and did homework. Fun stuff. I know its going to be a busy day and I don’t know how I’m going to get it all done. I know I have the weekend to finish my Portfolio project but I just want to get it done as soon as possible. I need to hustle on my Brochure project but I’m in the same boat. I have limited funds to print everything I need and I don’t want to use all my ink in my printer. I am gearing up for a long day. I’m probably not going tot he Champ game. I’ve got a lot on my mind. i have to start packing soon. I want to start some personal projects on Photoshop, I want to see a good friend I’ve been missing but don’t know how to bring it up. I also don’t know what I’m doing when it comes time to move out. Its complicated and I know there people have worse problems but I don’t care! I am full Of stuff to do and I don’t want to mess it up. i want good grades and good relationships and I want a roof over my head. Idk, it will work its way out. Peace out friends!


Week 12, Day 3

Wow, cant believe its already the end of Wednesday! What is going on? Today… Got my laundry done and talked to my parents on the phone. I talked to my mom about my day yesterday and my facial and how it went well. She was surprised it was only 40$ when usually its like 90ish at home. Then we started talking about insurance and how expensive it has gotten with ObamaCare and how ridiculous it is! I am not the one who pays the bills but it just DOESN’T MAKE SENSE. All of it… Our costs have doubled and we have insane deductibles that will never be met. And we’re requires to have this expensive thing that does no good for us. It makes me frustrated that that’s what I’ll have to be dealing with soon. It makes me frustrated that this is what our country has become. After we were thoroughly frustrated together, I talked to my dad and we talked about my WordPress and school. He told me he bought the domain names of all our family members. So we own now which is cool because I’ll get to use it one day and it’ll already be taken care of! They’re getting ready tog o to Hawaii tomorrow. Without me! I told him he should tote my face printed out around with them so I could be in all the family photos. I got my laundry and went to class. After class I went to the library to work on my brochure project. i just know it will be a pain in the but to refine and get just right this week so I’m mentally preparing for the coming frustrations. I got pretty far before I had to go to class again. After class, I scanned all my class notes to my email so I can print them off for my Portfolio. I checked my email and I got a nice email from Sister Scholes about my blog 🙂 I’m sure she sends one out to everyone since that’s how we submitted them but it was really genuine and I felt like I was doing something right, and that all my hard work into this blog was paying off! I walked home and ate the last of my tamales from last week. I was still starving so I made Chicken Carbonera. I made the noodles, baked chicken, sauce, and sprinkled bacon nits all over it. So good! The sauce was a little sweet since all I had was Vanilla Soy Milk, but its still not bad! I took the rest of the night finishing up on online assignments and working away at little assignments. Good productive day 🙂

Week 12, Day 2

Day 2 of the week and Im still alive… Going good.

Woke up slowly but surely. Went to the gym and had an awesome workout! I walked/ran for 30 minutes then did some squats and arm workouts then went back to the treadmill for another 25 minutes. I wrote everything on the mirror with a whiteboard marker before I started so I had a goal in mind and something to achieve. I did just that and over the top. It felt good to work for more than an hour. I went back and got ready for the day. I thought I hasd to be somewhere at 11 but it turns out I was forgotten about. So when I arrived, the job was already done and I had hurried in the slushy snow to get there and I hadnt taken the time to go back and put boots on. my feet and pants were all frozen and wet 😦 and I had gone to school early for no reason. I hung around in the Crossroads with Mitchell while he ate his soup. After he was done we sat in the Skybridge and just talked. He walked me to class in the Taylor. He always runs into friends or mission buddies when we are in the Taylor. I went to class and it was sooo boring. I honestly fell asleep this time. I was awakened mid way when the teacher rolled up the projector screen. For some reason, in my cloudy and muddle half-asleep brain, I thought that the loud noise of the screen rolling up and hitting the bar was an Officer walking in and the teacher saying something loud for all of us to stand in respect for the officer… Good thing I didn’t stand up or anything haha it was just the screen but it took me back to my JROTC days in high school. I fell back asleep for the rest of class. Usually I don’t fall asleep for class so I was kind of embarrassed.  I walked back home as fast as I could. I picked up my laundry from the laundry room and went inside. I changed real quick, got a slice of bread and an apple and got in the car. I picked up my friend Ana, got gas at Maverick and headed to Idaho Falls. Ana told me more about her guy stuff and school stuff and roomie problems while I drove. I finally got to my destination in IF. I arrived but couldn’t find the specific office for Mountain West Dermatology. I circled around the same parking lot for 5 minutes and ended up finding it right where I had entered the lot. I went in and the cheery aesthetician took my info and I went to the back room with her. I told her about all my past face issues and how my skin is so stubborn. I needed a face clean up and she got to work! It was painful but she got most of my problem areas and all of the major zits. I looked like a pink dotty blob afterward, but she did a good job for only 40$! It was amazing. I went to Target, Grand Teton Mall, and Bed Bath and Beyond with Ana. She was looking for Space bags so she could move before Spring semester. We finally found her bags and I sped home. After I got home, Mitchell and I went to Pizza Pie with my cousin and her boyfriend. It was pretty fun but I was already stuffed from a cinnamon sugar pretzel and a hot dog from Target. All i wanted to do was eat all the dessert pizza!!! That’s the only good reason to enter that establishment… Afterward, I went home and finished a homework thing, took Mitchell home and then went to bed. That was my eventful day 🙂

Week 12 Day 1

Monday is back and at it again. I went to the gym first thing in the morning. It was a good workout, did some running and some arm workouts. Nothing too complicated but just enough to get me going for the day. After that I got ready for the day. I wanted to dress nice but it was just too darn windy. Its been nice the past few days but the ugly weather is coming back. I put on my best windy day clothing and got my resume papers together and went on my way to Rexburg Motorsports to turn in an application to possibly clean and mop for the next few months. I drove over there and parked. I was scared to go in there! I want to work there so badly so I just told myself “the worst they can say is ‘no'” and I went in. The lady at the front desk was really kind and genuine and took my resume to give the the hiring manager, who would be in the next day. I left feeling good. I was expecting it to go a lot worse. But we’ll see how it goes… I drove around some more to drop off my resume a few more places. I went to Targhee Sports/Duck Creek Pawn. I walked in and knew the place needed some love and care! It was a dinky little shop and I immediately started thinking of all the ways the place could be improved. I talked to the older man at the counter and told him my situation. He said he knew he needed help around the place but wasn’t sure what to do about it and that he would talk to the owners. I said that’s great, thank you. I felt good about that one also while I was leaving. Now I wait. I went back home and got my stuff together and went to class. I parked at Windsor Manor because it was just too windy to walk! And I knew I would be there awhile, until 6:30 at least. I went to Comm 111 and it was totally pointless and I wanted to fall asleep. I went to the MC afterward and started working on the project for Comm130. I wasn’t understanding all of it so I quit and just worked on other stuff. I went to Comm 130. I dread that class just because it is an hour and a half long. I like some of the things I learn in there but I feel like I could learn a lot more about Photoshop and the functionality of the Creative Suit rather than listen to other random stuff. I don’t even really know what we talk about. I probably learn one or two helpful things in that class, three on a lucky day. After class I went home and vegged out. Mitchell came by around 8 and we went to his friends house in Sugar City. We stopped at Walmart to get his friend a birthday present. It was a gift card to Taco Bell and a bag of Easter Twix fun sizes. We went and he wasn’t home, but his parents were. We sat around and talked about dirtbiking and trails, and their grandkids and how they were doing. It was relaxing to be in an actual house that was nice, welcoming, and warm. It was nice talking to his friends parents, it reminded me of home and it was just a slow night but that’s okay. His friend finally arrived after truck troubles, and he showed us his GoPro videos from riding in Moab. I want to go there so bad to go riding! It looked beautiful and like perfect desert/forest crossover riding and I’ve wanted to go for so long. Now I want to go even more so! We said our goodbyes and headed home. I watched a movie in bed, Joseph and the Coat of Dreams or something haha. It was a cute movie, I really liked it. That was my day 🙂

Week 11, Day 6/7

Saturday. Today was not one of my good days in a long time. I woke up late and I was mad at my roommate because whenever Mitchell comes over she is all over him because she needs lots of attention. It bugs me how much she talks to Mitchell and how she talks to him. She is so disrespectful but Mitchell is just so nice he doesnt do anything about it or even notice. I notice though. I also saw that SOMEONE had sprayed Pam on my toaster oven. This sounds dumb but it really pissed me off! There was only one person cooking the day before and it was the same one who has been annoying lately. I cleaned up the toaster and put it in the pantry. i’m just tired of people abusing my stuff and things I leave out for everyone in the apartment. I left the apartment upset and went for a hike with Mitchell, Theo and his girl thing. It was an alright hike, all in the snow, but I was upset about the apartment and I’m missing my parents, and the job pressure. I was the butthead of the group and I was just miserable. We hiked about a mile in and then back out. We had crossed paths with a family and they told us we could take some trash bags from their Excursion to sled down the hill in the parking lot. Mitchell and Theo did it but  I was done trudging through the snow. We left the Bear Gulch parking lot and went to go get food. We stopped at a little drive in and it was good. Mitchell dropped me off at home after the hour drive home. I said I was sorry for being a downer on the trip, that I was just thinking about other things and I was just moody. He left and I took a 4 hour nap. When I woke up I started to clean and I took out all my stuff from the kitchen. I took my giant rug from under the table, my little rug from the front of the sink, and the broom. I took my stuff and put them in my room. Everyone else can get their own stuff and stop leaving crumbs on my stuff. When I was sweeping before I put the broom away, Mitchell came by real quick to say hi and I made him a little dinner snack and we talked a little bit. He left and I couldn’t go to sleep since I had taken a 4 hour nap. I cleaned up my room a little bit. I guess it gets easily messed up since I’m always writing about how I cleaned it up. I did my nails and I watched an old movie on Netflix. I stayed up until 2. I wasn’t feeling good so I took Pepto and went to sleep. I woke up a few hours later with a terrible sickness. I had the 20 minute flu and I was all hot. I hate it when this happens and I am just miserable. It finally went away and then I went to sleep and was out for the rest of the night. I woke up feeling alright and didn’t go to church. I took my time getting ready and went to sacrament with Mitchell at his friends ward. She just got back from her mission and had her homecoming talk. It went over but it was two return missionaries. The kids in front of us were cute though and it was a nice change of scenery for church instead of a dimly lit makeshift church room in the Hinckley like normal. We went to my apartment so I could change and we had barbeque chicken sandwiches made by yours truly. We went to Mitchell’s apartment and started making cookies to take to dinner at a friends house. Mitchell is making cookies and I’m typing something up. He asks for my help with the dough and I figure out that he put TWO sticks of butter in the mix instead of just one. Last time I’m leaving him unsupervised with a cooking project! We were going to go to the store and break the Sabbath but he had a friend from the ward that told us how to double the recipe to make them better. It worked! We made them in time and they were delicious and I iced them and took them to the dinner party. It was a fun and social sunday 🙂

Week 11, Day 5

Friiiiiiiiday! I woke up and went to the gym again. I went to lunch with Mitchy Mitch and then I went to Interpersonal. Class was good as usual, that’s my favorite class this semester. Sister Bean finally got her voice back, which is great! I was weird having a silent class like last week. I went to class then hung out in the MC doing my weekend homework for Visual Media. Mitchell was passing through and said hi to me. I went to my next class and we had to present our power point. It went alright, I just have an annoying group member who thinks he’s superior to the rest of us and it doesn’t help that he has a nasally voice to go along with it as he tries to prove his dumb point to the whole class. After class Mitchell picked me up from class and we got my car so that he could go get his tires aligned and he could hang out with me while they were at the shop. We went to the bank so I could get a direct deposit slip and some cash. We then went on an adventure to track down some Mexican food that I had ordered from a lady on Rexburg garage sales on Facebook. Sketch, yes I know, but dont judge. We looked everywhere! But there was no “348” on the block. There was one “347” but no 340’s. I almost called the search off after I had circled the same street about 7 times. Then the lady messaged me to tell me she messed up the address as “438”. I WAS TICKED. I dropped Mitchell off for his car and then I went back to get the food and it was good. I got home and hung out and looked online for jobs and projects I could sell for some extra cash. I talked to my dad on the phone and he was telling me how he didn’t want me to take the SSI job. He pays for my school and weekly expenses and he said he would rather have me take lots of classes and get good grades than not take a lot of classes, work, and get bad grades. It was reaffirming to me because I do want to make more money but I know my parents care about me and they are willing to let me work hard in school while still fully supporting me. I thought about the job and i dont think I’ll take it, but look for another one that is not demanding hours-wise. I want some extra cash to contribute to my savings, mission fund, and my shoe fund also haha. Overall I just felt love from my dad. not in a conventional way of “i love you honey” but like he actually cares about my time in school and my education and financial situation. It aggravates me when people get cranky when you tell them that the parents are paying for everything. Its not their place to be asking questions like that and its not their place to shame me because they make all the money they have and put it toward school. I’m glad my parents pay for my things and I am so grateful because I don’t know how I would have done it without them even when my university education is so inexpensive. I a blesses and I feel I work hard for my grades so the trade off is just fine and not part of anyone’s business. Thanks parents! Love my family 🙂

Week 11, Day 4

Thursday. Went to the gym again and had a lot better of a run today. Ran quicker and it just felt good. Afterward worked on arms and did some stretches. I got ready for the day and did make it to lunch with Mitchell. We took up two tables and I didn’t even care. The March Madness game was on and Mitchell was sick. Poor baby 😦 I haven’t seen him like this, its weird. I went to Book of Mormon afterward and class was good. My friend Parker and I were taking snaps of each other in class haha. I went home after class and I got my laundry then went to Zeek’s to visit with my friend Ana. I haven’t seen her all semester. She cut her hair a little while ago and it looks so cute! Even though she chopped off a lot of hair. We had burgers at Zeek’s and she talked about her boy issues and I listened. I think lots of people are okay with spilling their whole life to me. I think that’s a good thing, just sometimes I cant get in enough of what I want to say about my life. That’s okay, i listened and talked with her and it was fun hearing about someone else’s drama 🙂 We went to Albertsons after for some food and then DI so Ana could buy a barbie head for her keychain like I have on mine. Everyone just wants to be like me! It was fun and it was good to mess around with her at DI and be silly. I haven’t hung out with any of my girlfriends in awhile and I miss it! I need to make a better effort. After, I went to class for Comm 100 and sat through that. Hillary puled my hair in class and I was like “Seriously?!” in my head haha because I thought it was someone else. After class I drove home and that’s the end of my Thursday story.