Website of the Week 11

How many times have you gone into a job interview and been totally stumped by the questions they asked you or froze because you just didn’t know what to say? This website is all about helping you with these problems! Whether you’re inexperienced in interviewing for a job or just want to be prepared fr your next interview, this site knows all about interviews.

  1. This site can inform you about different layouts of interviews. Some are non-traditional, deviating from the one on one interview and here yo can read about different layouts so you are prepared or you can be thankful that your interview wont be like some of the other layouts.
  2. As a Communications major, you should be above average in communication so this site will help you be proficient in effectively presenting your best self to an interviewer
  3. Experience is needed in the Communications major so it is important to score internships and jobs before you get out of college and if you are a proficient interviewee, the odds are increased that you will get a job. Studying these questions and preparing answers can help you be your best in the interview and help you get the experience you need.
  4. Some interviewers are looking for questions from you at the end of an interview. Either they genuinely want to answer your questions or they really want to see you ask questions about the company, showing that you did your research before coming in. This site has a section on what to ask interviewers. It can greatly improve your appearance as a possible employee when you know what to ask
  5. This site an also help you if you are trying to switch jobs. It can educate you on how to quit the right way and what to say to other employers about why you left. This can be really helpful when you are trying to move to a better job and don’t want to come across as unreliable to your next employer.

Website of the Week 10

Writing is a part of all business and most people have Microsoft Word to type up documents. Here’s the homepage for Microsoft Word

This website is helpful to a Comm major for the following reasons:

  1. If there’s technical difficulties with Word, contacts info is all over the place on this site for support and help
  2. This page can help you if you need Word across different platforms such as laptop, phone, tablet, and other operating systems. This can help make Word accessible anywhere.
  3. If you want to try new things out in Word, there are training videos to help you get started and learn something new.
  4. Templates are downloadable on here, for different types of documents you may need to create.
  5. Writing is important and unavoidable. Every Comm or Business major will write up something that will be seen by co workers and employers so it is important to make polished and professional documents. This is done with Word and the help of this website as reference.

Website of the Week 9

All Business/Comm majors should be visit this page for great resources located on the Business homepage

Things that this page can do for you

  1. This page has a list of societies that are available within the College of Business and Communication. Societies can add resume prevalence, added experience in the emphasis it applies to, and has opportunities to get to know others in your major which is very helpful in networking, school assignments, and as outside resources for your work.
  2. The homepage has lists of competitions that you can participate in to add to your experience and trophy case. There are also resources about dining etiquette, which is very helpful when trying to network and get to know others. It helps to present your most polished self!
  3. Hours and contact info for the ADC for Business and Communication are posted. This is helpful in planning your classes and answering any odd questions about your major or any other educational technicalities.
  4. You can go to Europe! There are links that can help you go to Europe as an educational trip. This is  a great opportunity to get outside of Rexburg and get some outside experience and memories. As well as a quality education in another land 🙂
  5. You can also find the College of Business and Communication on LinkedIn. Their link is on their contact page. Receiving updates from the college is helpful in making connections and seeing their updates on internships and other scholarly articles about getting a job and other fine tips in the job and college world.

Website of the Week 8

This Grad Planner link is a great source for any BYU-I student. The Grad Planner is not required but it is a great tool for your education and planning while here at BYU-Idaho

  1. This resource helps you see ahead of time and plan out your years here at the university. It helps you get an overview of what classes you have coming and which ones you need to take. This is really helpful in planning hard classes, managing Foundations classes, working in some fun electives, and planning practicums and internships.
  2. This resource is online and can be changed at anytime. It is highly accessible within the range of Silverlight. Nothing is set in stone and you can adjust your plan as you take classes and change throughout your college career.
  3. The Grad Planner helps you see the possibilities in class combinations and other comm classes you may not have seen while looking at your certain emphasis.
  4. Grad plan comes with free advisers! You can check the error codes to guide your progress while planning and also submit your plan to an adviser at your certain majors Academic Discovery Center and ask them questions about your major and classes
  5. Comm majors are flexible and there are always new classes being added so it is important to incorporate some of the new classes and changes into the future and this can be done with the Grad Planner

Website of the Week 7

AAF is important for a Comm major because advertising is all over the place in the Communications career path. Here’s why is helpful 

  1. This is where you can see what AAF is all about. There’s lots to know about what AAF does and the organizations benefits. Here would be a good place to look if you are interested in joining or are an Advertising emphasis, in which you should probably already be involved.
  2. This site also has internship opportunities which would be good to look at in the later part of your college education.
  3. There are events on this page which you can attend to network and to gain more experience and exposure to AAF and to advertising
  4. Most of the different emphases in the Comm major are interconnected, so it is important to get a well rounded experience in all of them to better your specific study. Joining AAF or checking it out may open up different opportunities in your major and this website is a place tog et started at.
  5. AAF gives great experience in the advertising side of Communications and will give you a head start. This site can inform you on all the possibilities.