Motorcycles and You

I see people riding bikes around all the time here in town. In Idaho, it's not a rule that you have to wear a helmet on the road. I think its crazy how many people don't wear one! I also think its crazy how many people don't approve of dirt bikes, street bikes, any type… Continue reading Motorcycles and You


Week 12, Day 2

Day 2 of the week and Im still alive... Going good. Woke up slowly but surely. Went to the gym and had an awesome workout! I walked/ran for 30 minutes then did some squats and arm workouts then went back to the treadmill for another 25 minutes. I wrote everything on the mirror with a… Continue reading Week 12, Day 2

Week 9, Day 6

It's been a great weekend. I took Mitchell to R Mountain for a little day hike and it was so nice! It was the perfect temperature and it was nice to stay outside and walk around. Idaho isn't that beautiful but it was better than being indoors like I am most of the time, unfortunately. It… Continue reading Week 9, Day 6


Week 9, Day 3

Wednesday. Just did homework this morning. I stayed at school after class and got some more homework done! I walked home and worked on HTML for Visual Media. Mitchell came by later after he did some temple work and he took Jesse and I to our late night volleyball game. It went alright, even though… Continue reading Week 9, Day 3


Week 8, Day 7

Sunday Funday! I got up early to go to Regional Conference. I looked SUPER cute today. i even curled my hair and schtuff 🙂 I picked up Mitchell early so we could actually get a parking spot and a good seat inside. It worked out and we got a close parking spot, it was awesome!… Continue reading Week 8, Day 7


Week 8, Day 6

Slow Saturday today, but it was good. I finished up my Visual Media project and that went well. Dint have as many problems with slow saving or anything this time so that was good. After the project was posted and printed, I talked to my mom. We just talked about funny stuff I've been doing… Continue reading Week 8, Day 6


Week 8, Day 5

Yay Friday! Not really... Creating and saving my cover pages on Photoshop for Interpersonal was a NIGHTMARE! I had fun making the collages and arranging them etc. in PS, BUT my computer was super slow! Most of my time was wasted waiting for the stupid thing to save the files to a PDF so that… Continue reading Week 8, Day 5