Motorcycles and You

I see people riding bikes around all the time here in town. In Idaho, it’s not a rule that you have to wear a helmet on the road. I think its crazy how many people don’t wear one! I also think its crazy how many people don’t approve of dirt bikes, street bikes, any type of two wheeled vehicle. Obviously these people aren’t usually in the same group but both of their actions and opinions are wrong. I understand that these are all personal views and beliefs that these people carry out but I hope that they can drive some sense into their brain. Motorcycles are NOT dangerous. If you wear the right protection and are careful, your injury rate goes down immensely. Those people who think they are safe just driving around town with no helmet are in the most danger. The main reason bikers get in accidents is because of careless car drivers, so they could be better off not wearing a helmet while driving on the highway. Either way, helmets and proper gear and protection are KEY! If you are driving at high speeds on the highway on a bike, and you get in an accident, there’s a big chance you will get severely injured, as with any crash on the highway or freeway. But those people who don’t wear helmets even just riding around the neighborhood, can still get majorly injured! The little spills and accidents that happen can turn into serious brain and body injuries if you don’t have a helmet. These kinds of tragedies can be avoided by just putting on a helmet. You may think you look stupid wearing a helmet but it will be a lot better than when you are actually mentally impaired when you could have prevented the situation in the first place.  So, overall I’m just pleading for those of you who ride to put on a helmet! It makes all those potential accidents you may possibly be in a lot less extreme. You put your best interests first when you put on a helmet, it doesn’t matter what others think. It’s okay if the hot babes don’t see your face while riding your sweet bike.

For all those who don’t approve of bikes, live a little! Bikes are so fun! Theres nothing comparable to being able to go anywhere on the terrain and explore new places, drive fast with the wind on your face and in your hair, getting dirty in the mud, and improving your skills. Bikes are not dangerous. It takes some time to learn how to ride a bike and you should always ride around your comfort and skill level. It goes with anything yo learn to do. No one knows how to drive a car but we give that vehicle/weapon to 15 year olds to start learning. I’ve heard some people say “I told you those bikes were dangerous” when my dad broke his hand riding. We were 15 minutes into a ride and we were going down into the woods. my dad was ahead of me by a minute or two and when I rode up he was on the ground. He and another rider had collided at a skinny part in the road and his had was between the two bikes’ handlebars. here are some risks in riding but most are rider induced. Riders who go beyond their skill and get hurt or riders who run into each other. Its not the bikes that do the damage. Dirtbikes are just as dangerous as scuba diving or surfing, but people do it all the time and life goes on.


Week 12, Day 2

Day 2 of the week and Im still alive… Going good.

Woke up slowly but surely. Went to the gym and had an awesome workout! I walked/ran for 30 minutes then did some squats and arm workouts then went back to the treadmill for another 25 minutes. I wrote everything on the mirror with a whiteboard marker before I started so I had a goal in mind and something to achieve. I did just that and over the top. It felt good to work for more than an hour. I went back and got ready for the day. I thought I hasd to be somewhere at 11 but it turns out I was forgotten about. So when I arrived, the job was already done and I had hurried in the slushy snow to get there and I hadnt taken the time to go back and put boots on. my feet and pants were all frozen and wet 😦 and I had gone to school early for no reason. I hung around in the Crossroads with Mitchell while he ate his soup. After he was done we sat in the Skybridge and just talked. He walked me to class in the Taylor. He always runs into friends or mission buddies when we are in the Taylor. I went to class and it was sooo boring. I honestly fell asleep this time. I was awakened mid way when the teacher rolled up the projector screen. For some reason, in my cloudy and muddle half-asleep brain, I thought that the loud noise of the screen rolling up and hitting the bar was an Officer walking in and the teacher saying something loud for all of us to stand in respect for the officer… Good thing I didn’t stand up or anything haha it was just the screen but it took me back to my JROTC days in high school. I fell back asleep for the rest of class. Usually I don’t fall asleep for class so I was kind of embarrassed.  I walked back home as fast as I could. I picked up my laundry from the laundry room and went inside. I changed real quick, got a slice of bread and an apple and got in the car. I picked up my friend Ana, got gas at Maverick and headed to Idaho Falls. Ana told me more about her guy stuff and school stuff and roomie problems while I drove. I finally got to my destination in IF. I arrived but couldn’t find the specific office for Mountain West Dermatology. I circled around the same parking lot for 5 minutes and ended up finding it right where I had entered the lot. I went in and the cheery aesthetician took my info and I went to the back room with her. I told her about all my past face issues and how my skin is so stubborn. I needed a face clean up and she got to work! It was painful but she got most of my problem areas and all of the major zits. I looked like a pink dotty blob afterward, but she did a good job for only 40$! It was amazing. I went to Target, Grand Teton Mall, and Bed Bath and Beyond with Ana. She was looking for Space bags so she could move before Spring semester. We finally found her bags and I sped home. After I got home, Mitchell and I went to Pizza Pie with my cousin and her boyfriend. It was pretty fun but I was already stuffed from a cinnamon sugar pretzel and a hot dog from Target. All i wanted to do was eat all the dessert pizza!!! That’s the only good reason to enter that establishment… Afterward, I went home and finished a homework thing, took Mitchell home and then went to bed. That was my eventful day 🙂

Week 9, Day 6

We Cute :)
Picture of us on our way down the hill of R Mountain. We owned that hike!

It’s been a great weekend. I took Mitchell to R Mountain for a little day hike and it was so nice! It was the perfect temperature and it was nice to stay outside and walk around. Idaho isn’t that beautiful but it was better than being indoors like I am most of the time, unfortunately. It was beautiful and we both love being outside and hiking/ Good to spend time with him where he likes to be most. Afterward I got ready for the rest of the day and made a couple store runs. Mitchell did homework at his place and I was just hanging at home. Later that night we went to dinner at another Chinese food place and it was pretty good by Rexburg standards. We came back and I made a cake that is my absolute favorite! Its fruit cocktail cake and it is so good. Its like vanilla cake with crushed pineapple in it. Its the consistency of soft carrot cake and it has hot icing poured all over it. Muy delicioso. Then we watched Road to El Dorado. Classic, awesome Disney movie! So cute and Spanish, I love it.

From the morning: Change. That was this Saturday. Since I bought a cute new floor lamp I had to rearrange my tiny room at my apartment to accommodate for it. I spent all my morning moving my bed around and the things that were under it. Its back to the way it was when I originally moved in, but oh well. I like the change. And I especially love the lamp. IMG_0577 (2)

Week 9, Day 3

Wednesday. Just did homework this morning. I stayed at school after class and got some more homework done! I walked home and worked on HTML for Visual Media. Mitchell came by later after he did some temple work and he took Jesse and I to our late night volleyball game. It went alright, even though we lost. I had some AWESOME sets that Sean just smacked down on the other side, it was killer…literally…kill.Afterward, we had to check if Jamba was open for Jesse and amazingly it was! She got Jamba and we jammed over to Jack in the Bx for Theo’s ice cream that he was promised since he came to our game with Mitch. After that nothing happened and I went to bed. The end.

Week 8, Day 7

Sunday Funday! I got up early to go to Regional Conference. I looked SUPER cute today. i even curled my hair and schtuff 🙂 I picked up Mitchell early so we could actually get a parking spot and a good seat inside. It worked out and we got a close parking spot, it was awesome! When we went inside, we saved a row of 10 and only 5 people ended up sitting in it. For the first half of the conference, I was crocheting. It went quick and I finished the ball of yarn on a circular rug I am working on. The second half I listened a little bit but ended up drifting off while I had my head on Mitchell’s shoulder. Afterward I dropped him off, went home had some rice for lunch and hit the hay! I took a nice little nap after I read some articles from this last months Ensign. I read one about being a young adult and making these years count. It was a good kick in the pants to get my crap together and get busy serving others and making use of all my free time. But first I have to make time to do my laundry… I know that I had the feeling to read the Ensign on purpose. There was a little section in there about growing up and starting to make my own decisions and it was something I needed to hear. It was definitely an answer to a prayer that has been in my heart. I am grateful I could get some guidance today from conference and from the Ensign magazine. After my nap, Mitchell came over and we made a nice lunch. I made some potato chip-like things. I cut up potatoes in thin slices and baked them with garlic salt then put cheese on them after. They turned out well, surprisingly! After our lunch we watched Emperors New Groove and made some brownies! That was fun and later I Skyped with Mitchell’s family. That was fun, hearing their stories and fun stuff from their week. Later, at 11:30 we went back to my apartment and picked up some of my roomies and we went to McMidnight. McMidnight is a crazy anomaly that only happens in Rexburg. All the college kids go out after 12 t McD’s and it is packed! We only do this since it’s technically not the Sabbath anymore and we can buy food “legally”. It was fun and we had a good time. Everyone was vicious in trying to get a table! We had to box some people out and be aggressive to sit down at a booth, but we made it happen! Fun Sunday night 🙂

Week 8, Day 6

Slow Saturday today, but it was good. I finished up my Visual Media project and that went well. Dint have as many problems with slow saving or anything this time so that was good. After the project was posted and printed, I talked to my mom. We just talked about funny stuff I’ve been doing with my roommates and some other things. I like talking to my mom on the phone but sometimes I don’t totally know what to say, so I should work on that more..talking about her more. Because college kid life really isn’t too special! After that I went for a drive. I had been antsy toward the end of finishing my project and I wanted to explore and find a cool place nearby. I drove straight out of Rexburg past Sugar City, into Egin. I found a gravel road that goes for miles and is near the dunes. If only I had four wheel drive! I would mob out all the trails offshoots from the gravel road! It was tempting but my truck isn’t that meaty. I also had no service, no one knew where I was, and at the time I didn’t really even know where I was so that would have been a bad idea! Its amazing how dependant we are on our phones. I would have called someone to pick me up if I got stuck, I almost needed GPS to get out of there. Without service and communication, there was a possibility I would have been toast! I had to get back because it was date night with Mitchell and he already had tickets to McFarland. When we went and saw it, it was SO cute! I loved the movie. It was a great family movie and was just over all feel-good and nothing was inappropriate, which I really appreciate. It was a beautiful movie. We had snuck Taco Bell in also, so that was rebellious of us 🙂 Overall, had a nice relaxing slow Saturday and I enjoyed the evening with my cutie 🙂

Week 8, Day 5

Yay Friday! Not really… Creating and saving my cover pages on Photoshop for Interpersonal was a NIGHTMARE! I had fun making the collages and arranging them etc. in PS, BUT my computer was super slow! Most of my time was wasted waiting for the stupid thing to save the files to a PDF so that I could take them to the print shop. I was afraid it wasn’t going to happen before class. While I was waiting for the files to save, I went and “got ready” for the day. I am sad to admit that I am kind of a mess today. No makeup, no shower, no fashion whatsoever. It really could be worse, but I aint feelin’ fly today. I came back to the computer to check on the saved files and it was just taking forever! Finally they saved, i put them on a flash drive and went to AlphaGraphics. I made the guy print them twice on accident. It didn’t take too long for the whole process but I was slightly annoyed that I had made the process go longer. I wanted the pages to be double sided, different sides. He printed four pages at first and then I was going to make him laminate them but the pages would have shifted in the process. So he printed again and the pages were a clean double side with no lamination issues. Except that there is a really thick hair and a black speck laminated into the pages :/ Next I trimmed them and left quickly. I drove home to pick up a few school things and ran out the door. I was only 10 minutes late and waked in on the prayer, but no biggie… Turns out the teacher didn’t even want the pages today. She said to keep them so she wouldn’t ruin them in transit for grading and such. She asked “Who brought theirs today?” and everyone raised their hand. Wow, I could have gotten away with half finishing them. I’m glad I got them done though. They are finished and have no problems and I am good! The rest of class was about listening styles and barriers. Still trying to work on being a better listener, even though I feel like I haven’t had too many opportunities. Now I have the rest of the weekend to do some more homework! It just never ends…

Finished Works:

These are in no way professional at all! Just what I was working on. They’re cute and funny but they’re just for me haha

Cover Page 2PDF CoverPage 1 Inside Page2PDF InsidePage1PDF