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Project 1 Flier


  1. Description: This flier is for a college graduate leadership conference through Vouant Communications. I created this flier for my Visual Media class
  2. Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): First, I made four sketches on printer paper. They were of four different ideas and this one won out. Next, I improved that sketched to what I wanted to do with InDesign. I created the project with Adobe InDesign as a rough draft. Then I had two people critique my design with good feedback to make changes. I changed the alignment and the position of the title and a few other minor things. Finally I printed it off and shared it here on my design blog!
  3. Message: The message of this flier is that all graduating college seniors should attend this conference if they want a ย advantage in the business world by gaining leadership skills required in the workforce.
  4. Audience:ย Any graduating college seniors who are looking for a leg-up or want to jump start their professional career.
  5. Top Thing Learned:ย How to align text so that it looks visually appealing. Also learned how to change to grayscale and high quality resolution.
  6. Title Font Name & Category: Kalinga (Sans Serif) and Rockwell (Slab Serif).
  7. Copy Font Name & Category: Kalinga (Sans Serif)
  8. Links to images used in this project:ย https://130.commbyui.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/TextVouantCommFlyer.pdf
  9. https://130.commbyui.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/JuliePeterson-Leadership-conference-business-rexburg-Idaho_7576-as-Smart-Object-11.jpg

Dance Showcase Poster

Here is the first advertisement I was able to have published. I won a contest among the many graphic design classes in high school, so my work was plastered all over the place at school, online, and in the community to advertise this dance production. The show is kind of a big deal in he Rocklin area. There are two high schools that are highly competitive in sports, including dance. Both schools have nationally recognized teams and many girls in high school are highly involved in dance instruction. I think that that area had an exceptionally high volume of dance participants, so it was cool that my poster was selected to represent our schools production. It was also interesting because the highest level dance team from the opposing nearby school also participated in our schools presentation as well, so it was a piece that tied two rival schools together. I’m really proud of this piece because when I first started conjuring up ideas for what the poster should look like, I was just messing around and playing with fun ideas. The fun idea seemed to work and when my instructor saw it, she immediately saw that it was above the others. Not to toot my own horn but it looked pretty awesome compared to the other creations. I was surprised to find that my fun idea was now posted on every blank wall around the campus and it was a different feeling that i liked being able to say “Hey, I made that!” when others commented on the poster. Overall, it was an interesting building experience!