Last Minute Gifts For Mom! Amazon Edition

I heart Mom

Mothers Day has always creeped up on me. I remember one Mothers Day when my sister and I realized it was the day and we had nothing planned and nothing bought for mom AT ALL. We put together the infamous "coupon book" that every youngster makes or is given to gift their parents that no… Continue reading Last Minute Gifts For Mom! Amazon Edition


Honest Review: Light Up Makeup Mirror

I love trying out new beauty products. I see the same ones on Instagram and Facebook advertising for a few weeks and sometimes I'll give in and buy, but usually I will find a similar version but cheaper on Amazon. This was the case for the light up vanity mirror. I received it and instantly… Continue reading Honest Review: Light Up Makeup Mirror

Exploring Wholesale, Affiliate, and Drop Shipping Online

Where do you get started in selling online? It is so difficult to see the available options out there that can enable you to open retail space online. This week I learned about ¬†finding different avenues in acquiring product. One option was to contact a wholesaler and find a huge amount of product at a… Continue reading Exploring Wholesale, Affiliate, and Drop Shipping Online