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Honest Review: Light Up Makeup Mirror

I love trying out new beauty products. I see the same ones on Instagram and Facebook advertising for a few weeks and sometimes I’ll give in and buy, but usually I will find a similar version but cheaper on Amazon. This was the case for the light up vanity mirror. I received it and instantly fell in love!

Screenshot of BESTOPE Light Up Makeup Vanity Mirror

Let me tell you a few great things about this mirror…

  • Two option charging- Takes batteries or plugs in to source
  • 4 mirrors- there are three angles to see yourself from with four mirrors. One side is a magnified view so you can get in nice and close for detail.
  • Dual Fold- its folds up nicely when you’re not using it so it can be put away
  • Touch Screen- it has a button at the bottom of the main mirror that is touch sensor so it is flush with the mirror and does not distract from the mirror. And there are no cracks to clean and be left grubby when you cant get all the gunk out.
  • 21 LED lights- the main mirror has twenty one lights along its border so its pretty bright!
  • All white- I love the white option because it goes with my bathroom and looks nice and clean
  • Tray- there is a tray at the base of the mirror so you can place your bobby pins or lip gloss there while getting ready with the mirror
  • Tilts- the angle of the mirror is easily adjustable and holds its place.

Here is the link one more time!

Here are a few things that I don’t love

  • Lights could be a little more bright. Doesn’t make a huge difference f you already have alright light on in the room
  • The magnified mirror is on the left flap. If I tweeze my eyebrows or do anything with my right hand it bumps the right side of the mirror, so that’s annoying
  • There’s not a good place to put it! The base is a little big so it has to stay out on the counter or I put it in another room on a table with other makeup supplies.

Overall, this was a good buy! I would recommend it since I use it every day when I am putting on my makeup. I feel like its a splurge purchase, just to make makeup seem a little bit more fun. Its also better than hanging over the counter to see my makeup application and getting in the way of my husband when we happen to get ready at the same time. Anyway, if you were thinking about buying one of these then there are some pro’s and con’s. If you weren’t planning on it, now you know about the mirror and you probably won’t stop thinking about it for a little bit now! Check it out, if you happen to get on then let me know how it goes in the comments below!

Thanks for reading, friends!


Exploring Wholesale, Affiliate, and Drop Shipping Online

Where do you get started in selling online? It is so difficult to see the available options out there that can enable you to open retail space online. This week I learned about Β finding different avenues in acquiring product. One option was to contact a wholesaler and find a huge amount of product at a low price, ordering the specified unit and then shipping it to your work space to distribute later. There were a few websites to choose from Like Alibaba.com, smallvolume.com to name a couple. These were international distributors and had many options for products and vendors. The next option was to team up with another online distributor as a drop shipping online business. This one seemed like a tricky option to get into in my opinion. You have to contact someone already in business and set up a deal to order form them when a customer orders from you initially. You turn the sale around to the drop ship company and agree on an assigned percent or commission. It seemed like a lot of unofficial behind the scenes work to make a sale that wasn’t completely official. But it would work well once you got a system running and the agreements in writing. The last option is my favorite one (in my head) and its being an affiliate. The business that has the m,sot information for being an affiliate is Amazon, surprisingly. When i found out I was so excited! You can be an associate for Amazon by signing up, using their codes and promoting their items online. Whenever someone buys a product within 30 days of clicking on your promo info, you get a percentage of it from Amazon. Pretty easy right?! So awesome! I already buy things from Amazon, if I just create a website to talk about these products and promote them and make money off of it I have nothing to lose! So cool! So yeah those were my takeaways this week, lots of options for carrying or promoting product. Options to think about…