Website of the Week 4

This website¬†¬†can be so helpful for Comm Majors and anyone in the business. Here are the reasons! Mainly, this is helpful for deadlines. If you have an international customer and they need a project by a certain time, you can plan accordingly with this site. Countdowns on this site are helpful for assignments in college.… Continue reading Website of the Week 4


Week 8, Day 4

Tired. That's what I am today. I fell asleep in both of my classes today. I guess my body is trying to tell me that 1:30 bedtime is not good! I got 8 hours of sleep but it wasn't the usual 8 hours, so I think that's what got me. I will be honest, I… Continue reading Week 8, Day 4

Week 6, Day 7

Sunday has been a great relaxing day. I went to church and we talked about seeing miracles happen in our lives and also talked about the importance of visiting teaching. I know I haven't been the best with visiting teaching but I want to be this semester! When I got home, I listened to LDS… Continue reading Week 6, Day 7