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Week 8, Day 1

New week, new ambition! Not really though… I have felt somewhat productive so far, but I still feel all my assignments and tests building up. I feel as though it will all fall out for the end of the week and I will not be prepared or I won’t have enough time. I am trying to balance it all and also decide if I should withdraw or not from my Computer Science class. I do not need the class whatsoever for my major or career progression but I also do not want  a bad grade to pull down my GPA or hinder me from doing my very best in the classes that do matter. I’m trying to look at it from a “good, better, best” perspective and so far its looking like I should drop the class. I hate being a failure or a quitter but I also want to do well in other aspects that are more important to me. I hate that I will drop this class then look back on it like I could have done better but at this point I feel hopeless. I hope I can make the right decision…That’s enough for my current internal struggle…

Today we talked briefly about becoming good listeners. I feel like I am a good listener, especially when a friend comes to me to talk about something important. I try to see their situation and perspective, and try to figure out what hey are feeling or thinking by what they are telling me. I am trying to apply this principle to feeling the guidance of the Spirit. I am trying to define what “in tune” means for me personally and what it “sounds” like.


Week 3, Day 1

I had an interesting experience with communication today. It involved a dog, our apartment, a few little foot tracks, and some nosy managers. It all started when my roommate agreed to watch her friends dog over the weekend. The little dog got dropped off and he wandered around and he was so cute! The next day two of my roommates, including the one who was dog-sitting, left to go to the next town over for shopping and to pick up some things. Later in the day after they had left, there was a ring on the doorbell. Of course the dog starts barking and me and another roomie just look at each other. No one was expecting any visitors! Katie walked to the door, holding the dog, and let the building managers in. They were there to find out who had he dog in the complex! It was just an awkward moment because the dog was not our and the girl who was watching it was gone. I texted them to tell them that the managers had found out. The managers left after they let us know we would be fined if any stains had been found and that dogs are STRICTLY NOT ALLOWED. The dog went home soon after as planned and it turned out fine. The whole approach that the managers took in talking to us was so uncomfortable and I felt disrespected. I get that we didn’t follow the rules but it wasn’t event hat big of a deal. I felt like they treated us like kids  but we are all adults and technically just renters. I wanted to be treated like a human being. Overall this run in with bad communication has made me realize that we have to treat everyone with respect. Glad I could learn a lesson from someone else to be better than them in the future.

Week 2 Day 3

Today I received a text from my mom saying “Have a great day 🙂 Miss you!”. Little did she know that the night before was an odd one and that I was feeling down. She sent this to me at just the right time in the morning as I was beginning some challenging homework. I felt like it was a little tender mercy from the Lord. I’m thankful for His awareness of me and for my mothers thoughtfulness as well as the technology that allows us all to communicate so quickly. I know messenger apps and social networks are not a replacement for all interaction but I do realize the benefits that come from having contact with those close to you at your fingertips and I am grateful for it. Little things like this show me that my Savior loves and cares about me and also that my family does too. I try to do the same thing for my parents and sister occasionally, shooting them a text or as I mentioned earlier, calling them between classes. I can always improve my displays of affection and caring for my family and friends and hope to do so. Challenge: send a text or call a loved one in the next 24 hours! It may be just what they needed or what you needed to rekindle a struggling relationship. You never know. Happy life adventures friends 🙂 Make them good ones

Picture above is of me and my parents and our glowing faces as I was their first kid to graduate. They’re always there for me and have supported me through big events and challenges in my life.